Filippo Barbero

My body of work combines photography medium to investigate how time, memory, subconscious works on the conscious part of the human being. Memory is the primary instrument, the inexhaustible nutrient source; my work tends to open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the present-future, and I find contained within the whirling deceit of time the opportunity for human beings to show themselves for who they really are. I especially like to root my research in communities, especially rural, since I focus on issues that concern themes of the sense of belonging and the investigation of the concept of place. The human being, in these communities, where time seems suspended, becomes familiar with very important issues of life: respect for the rhythms of nature, growth and the sense of family, creating thus a profound sense of awareness and consideration towards the other living being who is respected and cared for in a physiological, cyclical, and natural rhythm of life. Precisely that cyclical nature, the same that Proust argues, which helps to reveal the truth, the beauty but at the same time the dark side of things, creating a double perception of reality which leads to a greater awareness of ourselves. When I am taking a photograph, I am conscious that I am constructing images rather than taking snapshots. Since I do not take rapid photographs, it is in this respect like painting which takes a long time where you are very aware of what you are doing in the process. Exposure is only the final act of making the image as a photograph. I feel the need to take time to enter a situation, to evaluate its visual potential and let myself be guided by the suggestions of the moment. For this reason, I like to return to places to experience them again and attribute to them the constants that represent the fulcrum of being, starting a process of interpreting reality without a celebratory or symbolist intent, but with the mere intention of knowing the living being better.
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