Filippo Barbero

Nullus Enim Locus Sine Genio (2020 - Ongoing)

Every place, every source, every ravine is a guardian of its own spiritual identity. It is up to us, human beings, to make an effort to decode the reality that can only emerge through a personal and intimate representation. This search for identity moves its steps from a cognitive intent or even better, a psychic one - driven by a constitutive will of a process aimed at embodying the emotions underlying a place, and at the same time conjugating a tendency aimed at its mutability and its static nature. By virtue of the spatial freedom that surrounds us and that we enjoy, this process leads to an inevitable continuous (re)defining of the spaces we live in and in a more or less conscious way. Waiting for the real to manifest itself in its entirety and purity, (re)finding a suspension of time and tracing a theme or a circumstantial meaning free from the vulgarity of superficial content, but at the same time capable of making us (re)discover beauty in its simplest forms, is the leitmotif of this research. Exclusively, in this epiphany, silence allows for personal and intimate reflection - representation, (re)bringing us to an almost mystical freedom able to let us abandon ourselves to the motions of the moment.
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